Tax Returns 2015/16

Meetings are available 7 days a week via appointment.

Availability is generally Monday - Thursday 7.30am - 7.30pm, Friday 7.30am - 5.00pm, Saturday & Sunday 9.00am - 4.00pm.


Standard Individual Returns – prepared and lodged from $110. This covers most individual returns upto 5 PAYG Summaries or a Business Schedule and is based on receiving the information in a neat and timely manner.


Returns can be processed whilst you wait, or you can drop off the information and I will complete and return it to you for signature. I operate a Trust Account so that I can deduct my fee from your refund, otherwise I accept Cash, EFT, Direct Deposit or PayPal.


The more complicated the return, the more work required, the more it costs you! This would be brought to your attention upon initial discussions and review of your records.


My job is to help you maximise your tax position whilst trying to limit your potential for audit with the Tax Office. With the advancements in technology, a good amount of the information relating to the income of individuals can be obtained directly from the Tax Agents Portal.


It is your tax return and your money. I take the time to work with you to get you to the best position.


As a registered tax agent I have a lodgement program that allows me to lodge returns all throughout the year and provided you are up to date with your lodgements you can avoid the 31 October deadline.


Multiple years or just one. Individuals through to Company, Trusts and Partnerships. Let me take the hassle out of dealing with the tax office.


I use my 15+ years of experience to work with the individuals to explore their potential deductions. At the end of the day it is your money and you are signing the return so you need to know what is in there and I have an obligation to ensure that it is correct.


Companies, trusts and partnerships

– These all have special rules that you need to adhere to.


The better kept the records relating to the business operation are, ideally financial statements or through the use of Accounting Software like MYOB, Xero or Saasu, then the easier to prepare will the tax return be. That being said, an excel spreadsheet can also be effective if set up correctly.


Whether that is dealing with dividends paid, loans taken, the preparation of Trust Distribution minutes or simply paying first profits to a specified partner. This all requires specialised knowledge and some planning.


The Tax Office has a focus on Trust Distributions and ensure that they are prepared correctly and that means that the distributions are decided upon by 30 June each year.


Do you have a private company which you have drawn funds from (borrowed). This needs to be dealt with to ensure that you are not creating tax problems for yourself.


Companies must also maintain franking accounts.


Rental Properties – The first year that you have an investment property it is very important to get together all the details so that we can set up your cost base schedule, Borrowing costs schedules, Quantity Surveyors reports, etc.