Other Areas

As most people only come to see their Tax Accountant once a year, I use this meeting as an opportunity to raise necessary evils with my clients:


Have you got a current:

Will? If not then you need to speak to a solicitor

Power of Attorney? If not then you need to speak to a solicitor

Insurances – No one likes to talk about this, but it needs to be reviewed at least annually, this should be done with an appropriately qualified person (financial planner or insurance broker). Life changes so fast and we need to make sure you have considered the options.


Most spoken about insurances are Income Protection, Life, Trauma & TPD. Most of us have some coverage through our superfunds but have you checked to see how much and how long you are covered for? Sometimes the use of multiple policies is required.

I can put in touch with industry professionals that can guide you, but again we need to find the person who is best suited to helping you.